Peninsula Town Center Rules & Regulations

 In order to assist in our efforts to provide a clean, safe, and enjoyable shopping environment, we ask for your cooperation with the following. Peninsula Town Center is open for the purpose of shopping, therefore appropriate shopping behavior is always required. 

Parental Escort Policy 

Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times. 

Be Courteous to Others 

Rude behavior or conduct that is ill-mannered or disrespectful is not acceptable. 

Do not engage in behavior that can be described as obscene, offensive, and/or may disturb others or interrupt normal business activity. 

Loitering, blocking doorways and storefronts, and walking in groups in such a way as to inconvenience others. 

Management has the right to prohibit groups of four or more individuals to congregate unless the group has appropriate adult supervision. 

Running, yelling, skating, skateboarding, hover boards or the playing of radios is not permitted on mall property. 

Offensive language such as swear words or racial slurs as well as inappropriate hand gestures , “horseplay’, shouting, loitering, littering, solicitation or any other disturbance which disrupts or endangers any patron, guest, merchant, or employee at the shopping center is not permitted under any circumstance. 

Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, is required. Clothing with inappropriate words, phrases or graphics is not permitted and is subject to mall management approval. 

Damaging any surface or portion of the shopping center is strictly prohibited. Sitting on any surface other than chairs and benches is prohibited. 

Soliciting, picketing, literature distribution or panhandling is not allowed. 

Unauthorized photography/videographer on PTC property is not permitted. 

Cruising, loud car or truck radios is not permitted Dogs are permitted on property. 

Dogs can be unpredictable All dogs regardless of size or breed must remain on a lease at all times. If at any time a dog shows any signs of aggression you will be asked to remove your dog from the property. 

Vehicles that are inappropriately parked are subject to towing at the expense of the owner. Overnight parking is prohibited. 

Refusal to present proper photo ID with proof of age if requested by PTC staff may result in your being asked to clear the property. 

Be Legally Mindful 

Disruptive behavior of a more serious nature, such as fighting, harassment, shoplifting or theft of personal property, which could disturb business activity or impair the safety of our guests, is prohibited. Violators of these codes may be subject to expulsion, banning, and/or arrest. 

Violators of banning orders may be subject to arrest or prosecution for criminal trespass. This list is not all inclusive and may be modified at any time by management of this shopping center. These Community Standards are not intended to deprive any person of their applicable civil rights or liberties under law.